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Balboa Ave. ---

Is one of the most scenic and elegant areas of the capital city. It's gorgeous view of the Panama Bay and Ocean, Casco Viejo (Historic District of Panama) and the Panama City Skyline are unparalleded and unique in Latin America.

Not only the Balboa Avenue is distinctive, but is also a very convenient area as there are malls, hotels, parks, banks, restaurants and other amenities in walking distance.

Costa del Este ---

It's the most modern zone in Panama, urban planned from its beginning, with access from the Corredor Sur from a two kilometer long marine bridge wich communicates in a few minutes to downtown and the Tocumen International Airport.

Costa del Este has great sidewalks, parks, recreational places, a large central park, resting places and a boradwalk of nearly 2.5 miles long.

Being the second most valued area in Panama City (Balboa Avenue is the first), it has become the most desireable area for both the Panamanian and for foreigners who come to reside in Panama.

Costa del EsteCosta del EsteCosta del Este
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